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Got the idea from skyph's page.

Click on the buttons to visit the gallery, or the thumbnails to visit full, uncropped deviations. Keep in mind, the thumbnails will be of what I consider my best work.


These are stamps of what I support in life, in no particular order - buddy! >=3
anime stamp by darkyivySonic Fan Stamp by PentonSonic Team by TheStampKingSonic and Mario Stamp by sonicinterfaceSonic plushie-stamp by ILoveKnucklesShadowfav-ninja by CookiemagiKThe Money Stamp by Busirispeople allergy stamp - clean by tirsdenI Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatteI refuse... Stamp by ladychimeraFRIENDS STAMP by emo-cityI love my internet friends 2 by PanthiguarPairings Stamp by fluffy-the-wolfStop It by rudeboyskunkstewie stamp by lockjavvBush Stamp by IgnisAlatus:thumb114507454:Eureka Seven Gekkostate Stamp by JackdawStampsDominic x Anemone Stamp by CeruleanSanMimi Stamp by KelpyKradLillymon Stamp by SlumberPoppyStar Trek Stamp by ChimeraDragonfangTribble Stamp by explodingmuffinsStar Wars Stamp by ChimeraDragonfangDarth Vader stamp by HappyStampLesbian Sex by Ninalightyear:thumb92392694:I heart hentai stamp. by RadioactivePopTartYuri Support Stamp 2 by ZacloniusYuri artist forever by The-Yuri-CanonRule 34 Stamp by Hentai-Sweetie:thumb79350126::thumb58102926:Give Peace a Chance Stamp by GoodiesForYouI Love Robots Stamp by HybridYuki:thumb73713026:Gir Stamp by houkouookamiRugrats Stamp by Reptar-BarI Love Classic Nicktoons Stamp by RottenKindaCute90's CARTOONS FAN stamp by RiniWonderlandDiC cartoon stamp by Beau-SkunkGundam Wing by StampernautGundam 00 by StampernautCelestial Being Stamp by NeonRemixCash Cab stamp by SayurisyeFan Art STAMP by LunarosOCs Stamp by BowChickaBowWowPulp Fiction Fan Stamp by MaRtHiNa-heartsCROSSOVER WRITER STAMP by coraza-de-acero:thumb127477925:Cheesy Fan Fiction Stamp by Kyasurin-ChanThe Classics Stamp by Busiris:Samus: Super Metroid -Stamp- by DrXtremeSonic Riders ZG Stamp by Fuzon-SAVP by Mistress-CaraXenomorph Stamp by Lyn-Zo:thumb108281787:Shadow Stamp by RecklessKaiser:thumb111640965:Sonic X Stamp by lapraskingStamp: Vash 4 by ReiBogatu.AC.Fanatic.Stamp. by Ever-Dream-OnwardSonAmy Stamp by sonamy-fansshadow x maria stamp by AngelicHeartSilvaze 4 Ever Stamp by I-Love-Tails21Babylon Rogues stamp by Darkeiya:thumb60822473::thumb92123925:- I Listen To Alternative - by AbXorbGenesis Stamp by Giga-manPeter Gabriel by ChibiKinesis:thumb54065158:Friendship IS Magic by MistrallaMLP: AppleJack stamp by Janbearpig

LEMON FAN STAMP by coraza-de-aceroBush Is Beautiful Stamp 3 by ebenbrooksI Love Renamon Stamp by SoraSheimi:thumb131219035::thumb135298212:




Sep 29, 2014
10:15 am
Sep 29, 2014
10:04 am
Sep 29, 2014
9:47 am
Sep 29, 2014
3:00 am
Sep 29, 2014
1:52 am
Afternoon, everybody!

I'm actually opening up 4 commission slots, and one is already taken, so that leaves three more.
I'm almost done with my Star Trek commission for Draco, and hopefully, I'll continue with the rest. I apologizes to everyone on my list who has been waiting all summer long. I have no excuse other than having sleep problems, depression, and getting distracted with Star Trek Online, as there is a special event going on right now until Sept. 11th. Also, I'm gearing up for the new Expansion in October, "Delta Rising," featuring the Delta Quadrant!

Also, just the heads up, 1.) My external hard-drive with my back-up files is malfunctioning, so I'm saving up $70 for a new one from ebay that I spotted, and 2.) I'm saving up more money (at least $200) to spend on my trip to visit family in Las Vegas in November.

Anyways, if any three of you want a commission, all you have to do is note me and give me info, including picture reference of the character(s) and poses.

Anywho, again, sorry to keep you guys waiting all summer long. I promise, though, you won't be disappointed.


01. christhewolf - ON HOLD
02. FireoftheMoonlight - ON HOLD
03. Captain-Draco - 85% - almost done...
05. Blitscreet - ON HOLD
06. Adventure-Cat - ON HOLD
07. The-Rozothian-Fox - 50% - flats done...
08. JDogTheHellhound - 10% - sketch scanned.
09. CyberTheHedgehog270 - ON HOLD
10. Krockomodo - sketching...
11. IMMarite - ON HOLD
12. Hellsender - ON HOLD
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What kind of pony plushie do you prefer? 

62 deviants said One of the Mane6 (Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy)
38 deviants said Princess Luna
37 deviants said Background pony (DJPON3, Dr. Whooves, Lyra & Bon-Bon, etc.)
20 deviants said OC pony
11 deviants said Cutie Mark Crusaders (Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo)
5 deviants said Princess Celestia


The Ancient Elements of Harmony by Ziom05
by Ziom05

Ziom05 has done it again! =3 The moment I saw this brilliant piece, my mind instantly thought, "If Hayao Miyazaki were a brony, this wo...

Trixie - I won't lie anymore... by Ziom05
by Ziom05

Words can not describe this epic piece of pony-fandom. There just isn't any words to describe it at all, except "pure-epic-ness at it's...

"And what comes after December?" by Toughset

This is my second critique, so please don't take anything I say here as bad or anything of the sort. I first like to say that this imag...

Star Trek Console Skin by KonekoD
by KonekoD

I first wanna say that besides myself with the 29th century TCARS style, I'm am please to see that someone else has created a Star Trek...

Commission Prices


Sketch{ex:}: $8.00 ($3 for each additional character)
Lineart{ex:}: $10.00 ($5 for each additional character)
Flat Colors: $15.00 ($7 for each additional character)
Fully Colored{ex:}: $20.00 ($10 for each additional character)

WISP ART{ex:}: $5.00!!! ($3 for each extra Wisp)

Simple Background{ex:}: FREE!!!
Complex Background{ex:}: $5-$8(sketch/lineart/Flats)/ $10-$20(fully colored), depending on details



1.) Pay half first, and half later. Meaning, if your commission's total cost is $20.00, you must send in $10.00 before I begin drawing, and then pay me the other $10.00 when the drawing is done.

2.) I will accept payments through PAYPAL ONLY! My paypal address is If you do not have a paypal account, note me for my home mailing address. But I highly recommend that you get a paypal!!!!!

3.) PLEASE send me as much referencing material as possible, including pictures for the characters and the POSES you want me to use, if you have anything pacific in mind.

4.) Please understand that my life comes first, so PLEASE be patient with receiving your commission. DO NOT bug me about your commission otherwise your commission will be canceled and you won't have your first payment returned or refunded.

5.) NO PROGRESS REPORTS!!! It's too much of a hassle for me to show you progress on a commission, K?

6.) NO PRIVATE COMMISSIONS. When you commission me you give me permission to showcase the finished product in my galleries.

7.) I will draw anything except realism, non-anime anthros, fat-art, scat or watersports, grotesque, heavy blood, scary, or comics(sorry, but comics take WAY TOO LONG).

8.) You will not see your commission until full payment is received. Sorry, but that's the golden rule.

9.) When you got your commission, all I ask that you DO NOT claim the art to be yours or alter it in any way, shape or form. I also ask you NOT to sell my art for your own gain. Other than that, it's yours and you can do whatever you want with it.

*If you wish to talk to me by message, contact my on Skype - username 'captricosakara.' I'm always online.


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FreddyIsTheBoss Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014  Student Photographer
I saw you on Second Life yesterday1 Also, I'll never get over how wonderful your art is!
CaptRicoSakara Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014
you saw my art on Secondlife? Cause, I wasn't on yesterday. Haven't been on in months.
FreddyIsTheBoss Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014  Student Photographer
Oh, maybe someone else. It was in someone's proffile.. they had their fc and your snake
barcod Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014
uh since it twas you who brought it back to my  attention and convicned me to get it, got any tips for a newb on star trek online? XD

sorry to be a pest XP
CaptRicoSakara Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014
Well...Follow Brent Justice's STO vids on youtube for help. I guess. Basically, you'll just have to play and ask for help on the go.
barcod Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014
okay, thanks anyways then, sorry to pester you
CaptRicoSakara Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014
hey no problem. Sorry I couldn't be much help, but the best way I learn was to ask people in game. ^^;
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HotGum Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the fave Hug   Come watch/follow me if you like my gallery.  Open for commissions!
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This is not "propaganda".
This is Europe of 21st century.…

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Human Rights Watch had confirmed that Grads are being used indiscriminately on civilian population:…

VaKonS Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014
And by the way, United Kingdom, I wish you to stay united. Help each other, don't separate. Be together in Peace.
barcod Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014
um hiya man sorry to bother you but I'm wondering if you did point commissions? very sorry to be a pest ^^;
CaptRicoSakara Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014
nope. only paid commissions. sorry.
barcod Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014
alright, sorry to bother you
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Keep up the good work X3
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I Have A Correction to Make: My Friend Jason Langois Died At 11:15 This Afternoon.

I'm Going To Mis Him and This Just Won't Be The Same Without Him.

God Bless You, My Friend,
May God Be With You, Till We Meet Again.
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