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Greetings, DA! My name is Capt. Rico Sakara, but you can call me Rico for short.

I'm a Trekkie, Lego MOC builder, gamer, and an artist who's been drawing since I was old enough to pick up a pencil. During my childhood, I mostly drew spaceships from Star Trek & Star Wars, and started drawing gaming characters when I was older in grade school. By college, I decided to take up drawing anime and gaming characters seriously as a hobby and joined Deviantart in 2003 in order to hone my skills. I've been doing drawings like the ones you've seen in my gallery ever since.

While I am a anime geek, Sonic Fan, and MLP Brony, I'm Trekkie first and foremost because Star Trek will always be my first love. As a gamer I enjoy playing NES, SNES, PSOne, & PS2 games, and I also enjoy playing Star Trek Online.

I hope you enjoy my artwork, and I hope to improve my skills as my work continues.




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My TOP 10 Summer Films

Thu May 18, 2017, 10:22 PM

I was watching James Rolfe's Top 50 movies on youTube earlier today, and it got me wanting to make my own list, but I wanted something different.
Has there ever been a film that you felt should only be watch during the Summer time? Like, a film with a summer time setting and it just felt right to watch it during summer vacation?
Well, I wanted to do my own Top 10 Movies that can only be enjoyed during summertime. For that, here are my TOP 10, with links to their respective trailers:
(NOTE: some entries will be tied between two or more films)


10.) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & TMNT 2: The Secret of the Ooze (1990-91) - As a kid born in 82, I grew up watching the original TMNT series. So when the live action films came out, I was hyped! The 1st film's story was perfect at the time, & had great setting and mood. The sequel, same deal. The only down side about the sequel, though, was Vanilla Ice.
-TMNT 1:

-TMNT 2:

09.) Leviathan, Deepstar Six, & The Abyss (all 1989) - These three films tied because they were competing against one another in 1989 for sci-fi underwater adventure film. Even though The Abyss won hands down, Leviathan was the best of the other B-rated underwater sci-fi horror films that came out that year. Deepstar Six was a dead 2nd for me. I also had all three films in this order recorded on a VHS which I still have to this day, although the audio is screwed up now. I now have digital copies on my PC. I also have The Speical Edition of The Abyss on another VHS w/ Robotech II: The Sentinels. The cast for Leviathan was all-star, with Peter Weller starring. It was also the film that introduced me to Daniel Stern and Hector Elizondo, while Deepstar Six introduced me to Miguel Ferrer, & The Abyss introduced me to Ed Harris. These films are the kind of summer films you watch after getting out of the pool - and not wanting to go back in after you watch!

-Deepstar Six:

-The Abyss:

08.) Coocon (1985) - This is a classic summer time film to watch, and it always warmed my heart. The elderly cast was amazing, and effects done by the same guys from the early Star Trek films. The music score of James Horner is one of those scores that just screams adventure! And stars Wilford Brimley & Steve Guttenberg are just plain fun to watch! Recommended watching this back-to-back with its' sequel, Cocoon: The Return.

07.) Short Circuit (1986) - Another film staring Steve Guttenberg, with the great Fisher Stevens. This is one of those sci-fi films that makes you question what counts as life? How do we defined what is alive and what isn't? This story about a robotic weapon brought to life by lightning strike is just unforgettable. And Skroeder is a total asshole!

06.) *Batteries Not Included (1987) - A film executive produced by Steven Spielberg. This film is a magical classic up there with Cocoon, An American Tail, and more. A story of small living flyer saucers called Fixits trying to help residents keep their dying apartment complex. It's one of those timeless films that needs no sequel or remake of any kind. Leviathan's Michael Carmine also stared! Love his character, Carlos!

05.) Howard the Duck (1986) - OK, I know the film adaption of Howard isn't good by any means, and it is one of George Lucas' bombs, but this film felt right to watch during summer time, even if I tend to watch it year around whenever I feel it. Also, this show introduced me to Tim Robbins & Lea Thompson, so yeah.

04.) Explorers (1985) & Innerspace (1987) - Another tie because both films were directed by Joe Dante. Both had scores by Jerry Goldsmith, and both felt similar because of their music scores alone. Explores introduced me to Ethan Hawk, while Innerspace introduced me to Dennis Quaid & Martin Short, and both films introduced me (unknowingly) to Robert Picardo. Both films are fun to watch, and are films that should never be remade.


03.) Flight of the Navigator (1986) - This is a summer film you'll watch over and over again. Joey Kramer at his best, with Pee-Wee Hermen voicing the spaceship A.I., Max. I have the Score by Alan Silvestri, and can't get enough of it! Also, I want that Puckmaren as a key-chain plushie! X3

02.) Revenge of the Nerds (1984) - OK, this is the film that got me my pubic-hair fetish! No joke! I've been watching this film over & over again since I was 6 years old in Kindergarten! That's how spoiled I was as a kid. My parents let me watch r-rated film w/ sex, graphic violence, etc., as along as I was good in school. So yeah, thanks a lot for the fetish, Dudley Dawson!!!

01.)Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986) - OK, before I begin, let just say I know Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is everyone's #1 Trek film. Even my Dad still loved Wrath of Khan, but for me, The Voyage Home was my #1 because for me, it was a more down-to-Earth (literally) film, and was perfect to watch during the summer time, especially in a morning hours. The environmental message of the film always intrigued me , and the setting overall, always made me feel at peace.

Well, that's my top 10, but because I have more than 10 favorite films to watch during summer, these below are 4 Honorable Mentions with links to trailers:

-Project X (1987) -

-Space Camp (1986) -

-Beverly Hills Cop (1984) -

-The Golden Child (1986) -

So what are you favorite films to watch only during the summer time? Write down the name & link to the trailer in your comments below!

01. DarkMythicPsychiccat - 50% - first commission done...

02. XxPurpleHedgieXx #2 - 25% - Lineart done...

03. ryonryonryon #3 - 100% - DONE

04. Hellsender #3 - ON HOLD

05. Krockomodo #4 - ON HOLD

06. ND0308 - ON HOLD

07. Captain-JimFive #3 - ON HOLD

08. silentbobx - ON HOLD

09. Adventure Cat #3 - ON HOLD

10. Alex the Bat - ON HOLD

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Christopher Richard Gay
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Just a typical 30's something nerd. Love Star Trek, Anime, Sonic, MLP, etc.


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